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Game Review: Minecraft

So, i'm starting this weekly thing called "Game Review". It will obviusly be about my opinions and review of games. So to start of the first week, I choose my favorite game: Minecraft.

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What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a indie-game developed by a small Swedish company called Mojang. The game is a infininte sandbox game made by a huge variety of blocks. You start out as a character, and explore, construct and gather materials. The options are endless. The worlds are generated to look like ours, with different biomes. The different biomes have their own look and feel, as well as advantages and complications. As the player "Steve" you go and live in the world, but not alone. Zombies, skeletons and creepers come out at night, to terrorize your home. To survive, you have to make yourself armor, weapons and traps.
You can also play multiplayer. Join servers and meet new people, and build stuff together. Join PvP servers to challenge opponents. Make your own vanilla server for friends to come join you, or make a advanced bukkit server. If you know java, you can alsocustomizethe server as you want.
Also, you can use creative mode to make all the stuff you can imagine. From huge amazing cities, to beautiful landscape creations, using minecraft tools.

The options are endless in Minecraft.

Who makes Minecraft?
Minecraft started out as a cave-game, made by Notch a.k.a Marcus Persson from Sweden. Later on, he made the company "Mojang", and not-very-long-ago he gave the Minecraft project lead to Jeb a.k.aJens Bergensten. Mojang have also created other games. Minecraft was originally made for PC, but later on pocket versions have been released for smartphones. Recently, Minecraft was also released for xbox.

My opinion about Minecraft
I have playedMinecraft for years, and I still love the game. With all the options and fun you can have with it, you'll never get tired. The fact that Mojang keeps updating the game adding new stuff, makes you never get bored. You can't "win" Minecraft, and many will think that it's a boring game due to that. Not me. If you see theopportunities, you don't need a goal to "win" a game, as long as it keeps you entertained.

Where can I get Minecraft?
Minecraft can be bought at Minecraft.netfor $26.95. You need to register a account, and this will be your username when playing at servers. You can also play a demo. I totally recommend buying the game instead of using a cracked launcher, due to the fact you can play on all the public servers.
Also, if you wanna check out other Minecraft pages, visit the minecraftforum.netor the minecraft wiki for more information about the game.

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