The best movie of all times?

A lot of people have a hard time figuring out what they think is the best movie of all time. Some will say a old classic film they grew up with, some will say the last movie they saw, and some will refuse to answer because they only watch "special" movies. I have also had a hard time telling people my favorite movie. As a kid with dvd-player in the car, I saw a lot of movies in my childhood. But there was 3 movies that I watched over and over and over. Pirates of the Caribbean. I wanted to be like Captain Jack Sparrow! The most stylish pirate of all times. I keept watching the trilogy over and over again, and I never got tired of it. Years later, when the "On Stranger Tides" came out, I was at the premiere and my childhood had a playback. Still epic, but I didnt get that addiction I had before.

When I grew up to become a teenager, I watched a lot of movies at night. I've allways had difficulties for sleeping, and therfore I watched movies to get tired. The movies I watched never got my interest like Pirates of the Caribbean had. But one night, I was amazed. Inception was the first movie to make me cry, jump, laugh and respect at the same time. If you have ever seen the movie, you either didnt understand anything, or you got amazed. My words are not enough to describe the epicness and level of story-telling. You don't love that movie if you don't understand it. It has the most complicated and most beautiful story-setting ever. Watch it.

So today, Inception is my favorite movie. But you never know whats gonna be your next eh?

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I cry evertim

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